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Updated: Jun 26

After a great deal of time, effort, and flexibility of many involved in making this website a reality, we have launched! And the feelings involved certainly are varied….. relief….. satisfaction….. pride….. and the feeling of “taking off” into skies unknown! This would not be happening without the commitment of the officers and directors of the DVTC Board, determined to ensure that the future of this truly unique and special club will be a bright one, well into the future.

Anyone who has played on these beautiful courts, surrounded by the trees planted by the founders, is taken away into an oasis of tennis bliss. Situated in a valley that exudes the privacy of an exclusive club, it is difficult to imagine that you are in the middle of a populated area of Huntingdon Valley. You are truly insulated in a quiet tennis world, inhabited by warm, fun loving tennis enthusiasts just like you.

Our hope is that many, members and potential members, will visit this site and explore what we have to offer tennis lovers of any level. We are convinced that once they do, they will fall in love, again, or for the first time, with a unique tennis club like no other! So, begin your journey, and come back again often, to see what is new at DVTC!


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